Please click here for instructions on how to audition for Tear a Root from the Earth.

Note: Specified vocal ranges and ages are flexible.

Malaly (F, 20 & 40 in two different acts, Afghan) - Impatient and caring. Tries so hard to keep her family together that she breaks it apart. A soul-style singer, mid-range, sweet voice but slightly husky/edgy. 

Sadozai (M, 40-50s, Afghan) - The family patriarch and village doctor, he fears for his children. A rich baritone, with gravitas. 

Shah Wali (M, early to mid 20s, Afghan) - Cautious and earnest, a reluctant militant trying to protect his mother. Tenor or baritone, sings wailing blues and rock songs. 

Zalmay (M, early to mid 20s, Afghan) - Brash and fearless, a leader on the rise. Tenor or baritone, sounds like the lead singer of an arena rock band. 

Bacha (M, 20s, Afghan) - Gets swept up in love and violence. Tenor who sounds like quintessential leader of rock band, with a lot of power and some gravel in the voice. Sings driving rock songs and tender love ballads.

Nazo (F, early to mid 20s -- to play 18, Afghan) - Rides the lines between sweet naïveté, pent up frustration and restrained cynicism as she watches her family/country go off the rails. Equally comfortable in soaring pop songs and moody ballads. 

Malang (M, early to mid 20s -- to play 16, Afghan) - Youngest child of Sadozai. Impulsive, excitable and easily swayed. Would be the first to sign up for "Afghanistan's Got Talent". Sings uptempo pop and rock songs. 

Ensemble (M, all ages, Afghan) - To play characters in the village. Ages and vocal ranges vary.